Services offered  

The following is an overview of services that are provided by Alpha Omega Inspection

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Home Inspection

Our Inspections are designed to offer the best industry available technology and education to provide a detailed report, needed for you to make the best decision possible when purchasing your new home. Our Inspectors use Inspect It reporting technologies that allow you a clean, easy to follow report, with pictures and industry standard code examples.  We want you to be informed not overwhelmed with jargon.


We understand also in our industry that there are clients that are investors and that do not necessarily need an inspection report. They would like to retain our inspectors to evaluate the property in a one on one setting.  This is done on an hourly rate and under the guidance of the client.  We can do a full inspection of the property or only focus on the large areas of concern.  If research is needed after the inspection to dig deeper into 



Additional Services

Thermal Imaging

Our thermal imaging inspection helps to highlight issues that might be missed by the seeking eye.  We are able to detect when door and window seals have failed and or are failing.  Our Flir device will also point out areas where insulation is either not present or has slid down in the wall cavities.  When examining the Main Electrical panel we now have the ability to see if any breakers in the panel are overloaded causing overheating and ultimately failure.  Currently this service is offered at no additional charge to the standard inspection or consulting appointment.

Boat Docks

We also inspect Boat docks.  We inspect and define materials used for construction, roofing, and decking.  We will also inspect the functionality and any potential safety issues. Prices range depending on dock (age, size, lifts and material used to construct.  Average cost $50 Average additional time needed 30 min.


Radon testing can also be done.  Radon is a naturally occurring  radioactive gas that can cause Lung Cancer.  You can't see or smell Radon.  Radon can have a big impact on indoor air quality. Testing is the only way to know your level of exposure.

WDI/TERMITE Inspections

Currently all WDI/TERMITE Inspections are done by a third party licensed pest control applicator.  This costs approximately $ 85.00.

Pool and Spa

We also offer and are certified to perform an inspection of your pool and spa.  Which also includes safety fencing, decking around pool, pool equipment, and of course the pool and spa. Average additional cost $50.